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Who Silenced Elly Patterson?
The Murder Mystery Arc
(Read the comments for all parts of the chapters)

Chapter 1
  • "Valley Voice Exclusive: Elly Patterson Found Dead"
  • Claire Speaks to Brad Luggsworth
  • John Speaks to Brad Luggsworth
  • Georgia Speaks to Brad Luggsworth
  • Elizabeth Speaks to Brad Luggsworth
  • April's Interview with Brad Luggsworth, Attempt #1
  • Fiona Brass Speaks to Brad Luggsworth
  • Anthony's Interview with Brad Luggsworth
  • Phil Speaks to Brad Luggsworth
  • Gavin Caine Speaks to Brad Luggsworth
  • April's Interview with Brad Luggsworth, Attempt #2
  • John Talks to Elizabeth
  • Clairce's Conversation with Brad Luggsworth
  • Mira Speaks to Brad Luggsworth
  • Anthony Speaks to Frank Day
  • Brad Unwinds at the End of a Long, Long Weekend
  • Paul Wright Speaks to Brad Luggsworth

Interlude-Abbey's Letter

Chapter 2
  • What Brad Did Next
  • Mike is Hospitalized
  • Brad Luggsworth Talks to Joe
  • Liz and Mira: an Explanation of Sorts
  • Brad Finds More Evidence
  • Brad's Second Interview with Gavin Caine
  • Immediately After the Caine Interview
  • Anthony Talks to Francoise and Jamie
  • Liz and Anthony: the Aftereffects of Howard
  • Morning at the Caine House

Chapter 3
  • Clarice's Hastily Typed Letter
  • Brad Talks to John Part 2

Chapter 4
  • The Funeral of Elly Patterson
  • April Prepares for the Funeral
  • John Prepares
  • Brad's Interview with Connie: A Look Back
  • Clarice, Anthony, Francoise, and James Allen
  • Anne Nichols
  • Therese
  • Meredith Feels Like Dancing
  • Rhetta Blum and Gavin Caine
  • Elizabeth, Mike, and Deanna
  • Kortney Returns
  • Connie Poirier
  • The Memorial Service Itself
  • In One of the Limousines
  • Elizabeth and Clarice

Chapter 5
  • Meanwhile, Across Town from the Funeral (Already In Progress)

Chapter 6
  • The Graveside Service and the Reception
  • Kortney and John
  • After the Service: Liz, Clarice, and Reverend Smith
  • Mira Reflects on the Passing of Elly

Chapter 7
  • And Then There Were Two
  • Liz, Anthony, and Claire: the Cleanup
  • Kortney Krelbutz's Take After Wake
  • April, Apres
  • Mira and the Savages
  • Phil, Weed, and Georgia
  • Meredith

Chapter 8
  • And Then There Was One
  • Liz, Ted, and Phil: the Freaked Chorus
  • Interlude at the Enjo House
  • Three Dentists
  • April and Dr. Callahan

Chapter 9
  • "Valley Voice Exclusive: Arrest Made in Suspicious Death"
  • The Confession
  • Liz and Phil: the Reaction
  • John's Reaction
  • Mike and Dee File for Divorce
  • The Ted and Phil Show
  • Mira: June 2010

Endgame and Epilogues
  • Death Comes for Elly
  • The Caine Supremacy
  • John's Letter, April 2016
  • Connie's Letter, September 2016
  • Claire's Letter, October 2010
  • Elizabeth, August 2018
  • April's Letter, July 2019
  • Kortney and Connie, July 2019
  • Mira, April 2020
  • May 1, 2025
  • Eva's Letter, April 2021

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